High Lady

High Lady

“Night Triumphant – and the Stars Eternal.” ~ A Court of Wings and Ruin Sometimes you get so obsessed with a book that it starts to slowly take over aspects of your entire life. Welcome to my world. These obsessions … Continue reading

Pipe Dreams

“And so it came about that Eliza’s luck held, and the expected opposition to the flower shop melted away. The shop is in the arcade of a railway station not very far from the Victoria and Albert Museum; and if you live in that neighborhood you may go there any day and buy a buttonhole from Eliza.”

Pygmalion, George Bernard Shaw

My Dream Home (Victoria College)

If only I had Eliza Doolittle’s luck.

I don’t think there’s a person on this planet who hasn’t considered what they would do if they won the lottery. Sure, people probably consider different amounts and try to determine how much they would require to quit their jobs and be comfortable for the rest of their lives, and these values certainly vary from person to person. Then they decide what they would do with this money…Would they travel the world, see the greatest sites in every continent? Would they buy a home by the ocean, in a forest, in a famous city? Would they donate a large sum of it to charities, hospitals, people in need? Or would they live just as they do now, all the while knowing that they will never have to worry about providing for their loved ones?

I know exactly what I would do with my lottery winnings, and I have known for many years. At one point, I thought that, if I had all the money in the world, I would immediately apply for and pursue my PhD. I would be on a plane to Oxford tomorrow, copies of Jane Eyre and North and South packed in my suitcase, wearing a cozy cardigan. After meeting SS, my goals changed slightly, and I realized that I didn’t really want to do my PhD, not because I didn’t have the money readily available for it but because I didn’t have the time to devote to it. I believed, and still do, that my time could be better spent nurturing an incredible relationship and building a humble but secure family life. When I thought about winning the lottery with SS, I knew that the first thing I would want to do was get married immediately; obviously, we’re in the midst of planning our wedding, so we can afford this exciting party anyway, but I knew that if we won the lottery, we could travel to Paris and get married beside the Eiffel Tower, or we could have our reception in a secluded and gothic English castle. And we could take our honeymoon in Japan, like SS has always dreamed of. We could have a wedding with the character we’re trying to recreate here in Toronto with a bit more ease and immediacy. And we could start our married life, the life I now know I want more than any other, that much sooner.

Now that we are in the process of planning our wedding, though, I know that if I won the lottery tomorrow, I wouldn’t change a thing about the wedding we’re having. I firmly believe that it is going to be perfect, exactly what both SS and I have always envisioned, so I wouldn’t spend any more or less money on it. It is going to be exquisite just as we have it planned.

So, my priorities for my lottery money have changed again…

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll already know what I would do if I won the lottery tomorrow. I would set myself, and SS, up in a home right across the street from Victoria College at the University of Toronto. It would be the exact home featured in the photo above, a home just like the one Henry Higgins lives in in My Fair Lady (check out the scene I linked on my Twitter page yesterday to get a sense of the type of home I’m talking about). I have a bit of a love affair with doors, and this home would have a solid black one, with three small steps leading up to it and a black gate in front. Flowers and small shrubs would surround the porch, and the entrance would lead right onto the sidewalk, right into the heart of downtown and close to the beautiful campus I spent so much time at and grew to love so dearly. We would entertain our dearest friends here, having dinner parties at Christmas, the outside of our lovely home covered in wreaths and poinsettias and sparkling lights. I would invite my best friend CV over for tea and we would curl up in luscious armchairs by the window with our favourite novels. I would walk to work every morning, all the while knowing that my dream home was waiting for me upon my return. And I would continue to work, not in an office, not on a tight schedule, but somewhere pleasant and warm and inviting, just for the fun of it. I would find the nearest flower shop, one similar to the gorgeous shop in my hometown of Whitby (which is actually hiring a part-time sales associate at the moment…tempting!), and work there basically for free since I don’t need the money anyway. I would just want to wear pretty dresses every day, and fresh blooms in my hair. I would want to brighten people’s days by offering them a free flower every now and then (paid for with my newfound fortune, naturally), and strike up conversations with my favourite customers. I would live a relaxed, stress free life, but one that would also leave my children amply provided for.

Oh, what a dream! Not dissimilar to Eliza Doolittle’s in Pygmalion: a simple life, replete with the comforts of a loving home and work that is truly enjoyable and fulfilling. It’s the best life I can possibly think of, not too extravagant, just right for me.

Probably I should start buying lottery tickets if I actually want to have a shot at this life! 😉

What would you do if you won the lottery tomorrow? Let me know below; I’d love to hear!


Girl with a Green Heart

my green heart

Where I Read — Home Away From Home

Reading in SS's Backyard

Hello hello and happy weekend!

Can I just say that there is nothing better in the summer than weekends! Who wants to wear dress pants in 40 degrees Celsius? Not this girl!

Anyway, I digress. This week, I’ve decided to skip the #JNGReads/#JNGListens post and instead do another entry about a location Where I Read. I could’ve done a #JNGWatches post, because if you all follow me on Twitter, you’ll see that I’ve been posting gifs and photos and videos of two particular movies all week. I watched both Pride and Prejudice (the version starring Keira Knightley and Matthew MacFayden) and Becoming Jane last weekend, and I’m a little obsessed with both movies. I also realized that my fiancé has never seen Becoming Jane, so I’ll likely have to rectify that situation this weekend and watch the movie again. What a sacrifice to spend another 2 hours with James McAvoy! *sigh* The things we do for our future husbands! 😉

Oh dear, here I go digressing again! Okay, let’s focus — on to my most recent reading location.

A few weeks ago, SS and I had a mini engagement party with the members of our wedding party (some of whom I introduced on the blog here). The next day, we spent a leisurely Sunday in his newly landscaped backyard. SS and his parents did ALL the landscaping themselves, and the garden is truly a sight to behold it is quite breathtaking and the flower beds and built-in stone benches are absolutely beautiful. It’s a perfectly serene and peaceful little retreat, with a covered deck that stays cool and shaded, and a lovely collection of vibrant and vivid summer colours.

On that particular Sunday, the sun was quite scorching, but SS and I were totally protected under the deck, and I was able to spend hours reading Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey in complete calm. Although SS and I are looking to buy a condo and most likely won’t have a garden of our own any time in the foreseeable future, it is nice to know that we will always have a warm and inviting atmosphere to hang out in at his parents’ place. And it is truly remarkable to me that I feel so comfortable there…that I can casually sit in his backyard and feel like I am right at home.

SS's Backyard #1 SS's Backyard #2 SS's Backyard #4





I’ll be spending a few days this week at SS’s house while his parents are away on a vacation, so chances are I’ll be spending a lot more time reading in this pleasant setting!

Enjoy your weekend and the blazing sun!

SS's Backyard #3


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The #JNGChristmasTreeSeries

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas / everywhere you go…”

Isn’t it?

Good morning Dear Readers and welcome to the most wonderful time of the year here on The World of my Green Heart!

Christmas has arrived…and I don’t care if it’s technically still November, it’s time to start ringing the sleigh bells, putting up the lights and decorations, and singing those carols at the tops of our lungs!

I am a HUGE fan of Christmas – not for any particular religious reasons or anything, but mainly because I believe it is the most warm (maybe not literally, but certainly metaphorically) and loving time of year! As a believer in Fate and True Love above any other forces on this planet, I feel very strongly that Christmas is the official time of year to share Love, spread Love, find Love and honour Love. Whether you’re spending time with family members who you haven’t seen in ages, celebrating a first holiday with your significant other, or perhaps discovering new possibilities underneath a branch of mistletoe, the Christmas (or winter Holiday Season in general) is such a magical time of year that it’s almost impossible not to see a bit of Fate around every corner.

I pretty much start preparing for Christmas as soon as my birthday is over, around mid-November. Some people probably think that’s a little early, but since I’m Canadian and Thanksgiving is long gone, I don’t have anything else to look forward to between my birthday and Christmas. My perspective is, why not enjoy Christmas thoroughly before it arrives, because once it’s over, that tree isn’t going to look quite so beautiful because you’ll just be sad and depressed that you have to wait a whole year to do it all again. My parents actually take down our beloved Christmas tree on Boxing Day (because they’re a bunch of Scrooges – just kidding!), so if I don’t fully appreciate it while it’s here, I will quite literally wake up one morning and find it dismantled.

My mom's poinsettia Christmas tree.

My mom’s poinsettia Christmas tree.

Now, in order to get myself completely in the Christmas spirit, I’ve already started listening to my favourite carols, and they have riddled my Twitter page this past week. If you follow me over there, and on Instagram as well, you may also notice that I’ve posted several photos of Christmas trees in the last few weeks, and they are all part of what I’ve decided to call the JNG Christmas Tree Series. Basically how it works is that whenever I come across a Christmas tree that is truly breathtaking, I snap a picture of it and post it on my Instagram and Twitter, with a brief description of how excited I am that the best time of the year has finally come around again! Now, I know Christmas isn’t for everyone, but like I mentioned before, I think it’s such a special season, for secular reasons more than anything else, and I think everyone can enjoy the spirit of giving and that little extra bit of kindness that floats around people during this time. And seeing a picture of a gorgeously decorated Christmas tree, I hope, is a reminder that you can run into some really beautiful and festive sights around every corner! The Christmas season is just full of surprises, from gifts to reunions with loved ones to fairytale encounters to romantic proposals, and I am just so passionate about celebrating all that this season has to offer to every person!

So, for this #JNGListens post, I’ll leave you all with a Christmas wish I have for each one of you:

“May your days be merry and bright!” – White Christmas

And here are some of the photo highlights from my #JNGChristmasTreeSeries! Check it out on Instagram and Twitter if you want some more Christmas cheer!

Christmas Tree #1 Christmas Tree #2 Christmas Tree #3 Christmas Tree #4

Merrily yours,


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Where I Read – Maman’s Chair

Happy FriYAY Dear Readers!

I hope you are all super excited for the weekend ahead! I know I am – it’s been a long, hectic but exhilarating week at work, and I’m ready to sleep well into the afternoon, relax around my house and spend some amazing time with my family and boyfriend!

This weekend is going to be an especially fun one because today is my mom’s birthday! It’s a big one (Mom, don’t worry, I won’t reveal your age on the web!), and we are heading downtown tomorrow night to have a nice dinner and celebrate the incredible, vibrant and absolutely gorgeous woman I call Maman! ❤ Considering how special and important August 14th is, I thought it was the perfect day to write a little post about another one of my favourite reading locations: the chair in my parlor at home, a chair that my mom and I found together, lusted over for months and then finally convinced my father to let us buy!

Maman's Chair

I’ll admit Maman was a little skeptical about the style of this particular piece of furniture at first. I absolutely adored it from the second I saw it: I was naturally drawn to how robust and old-fashioned it is, how full and heavy and rustic. It made me think of the sort of chair Rochester sat in when he conversed with Jane before the fire, or the sort of chair Henry Higgins would smoke his pipe in. It’s basically the exact chair that my main literary crushes would have a fantastic time lounging in, and I knew we had to have not one but TWO of them in our family parlor. I explained all of this to Maman, took her back home and painted the scene for her while standing in the room, and she eventually fell in love with them too! Once my dad was on board (which took a touch more persuasion, to be honest), the chairs were ours! And, let me tell you, they are ridiculously comfortable – it is so easy to curl up in them, to get enveloped in their sheer size, and I have often sat there at all hours of the day, reading away!

And, these chairs are now an absolute staple of my home…a landmark that I will surely miss one day when I move to my own humble abode. Something tells me Maman won’t let me take them with me, but I look forward to the day when I can return home (probably every single weekend, as well as several times a week), possibly with my own child, so that infant, Maman and Grandmaman can all read together! It’s a nice image that I cherish every time I pass the chairs throughout the day.

And, in case you’re all wondering, Maman is a bit of a reader too! When she has the spare time, she loves delving into books I recommend for her…and when asked just a few seconds ago what her favourite book of all time is, she didn’t hesitate before saying The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson (which I reviewed when I first started the blog here)! So, not only is she beautiful, hilarious and the light of my world…she’s also a formidable and intelligent woman and someone whose style, personality and heart I greatly look up to!

Here’s to many more years of Maman!

Maman and J


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