How to Dress Like a Christmas Movie Heroine

Hello Everyone, and welcome to the first post since Christmas……

Yes, I know that Christmas is technically over, the family gatherings and gift giving celebrations have come and gone, but that does NOT mean the holiday season is done! And, in order to keep this Christmasy feeling going for at least the next week, until the New Year, I’ve created a little post for today that fully encompasses all of my enthusiasm for Christmas and all the love, joy and excitement the season represents.

I don’t think I’ve directly stated this, but I’m sure you can all guess that one of my absolute favourite activities during the holidays is to watch cheesy but incredibly romantic and heartwarming Christmas movies every night and weekend. I am quite literally obsessed with the movies that replay over and over on TV during the Christmas season, and I love how simple everything is in these fictitious worlds, how easily any conflicts are surmounted and how often True Love prevails and conquers all. There are many times throughout the holiday season that I myself feel like a character in a Christmas movie, and this particularly happened for me this year when I visited the Christmas Market at the Distillery District in Toronto with my boyfriend, SS, and my parents. Just walking around the various stalls, sipping a hot chocolate and eating DELICIOUS (I mean, seriously sooo good!) roasted nuts was like something right out of one of my favourite holiday films, and the gorgeous Christmas tree (which you can see featured in one of my previous posts and on my Instagram and Twitter pages) added an air of magic and festivity to the whole evening! It was a night I won’t soon forget, and the Distillery District has firmly secured its place as one of my favourite sites in all of Toronto!

Maman and Dad at TCM2015 TCM2015

In these moments when I feel like a Christmas movie heroine, it’s only fitting that I make sure I dress like one too! What is a Christmas movie heroine without a warm scarf, a stylish hat and a killer pair of boots? How can a self-respecting woman rightfully call herself a Christmas fanatic unless she is always holding a warm beverage in her hand, or reading a book by a fire, or having a latte catch-up session with one of her best friends? On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day this year, I made sure to document exactly what I was wearing, the accessories I used and the treats I ate to give you all a taste of what it means to be a Christmas movie heroine to me.

How to Dress Like a Christmas Movie Heroine #1

To be a true Christmas movie heroine, I believe it is essential to own a Christmas sweater. Some people call these ugly Christmas sweaters, but I wholeheartedly disagree with that adjective – I think they are beyond adorable! This Christmas, I paired my sweater with my favourite pair of tan suede booties, a patterned scarf that so many people complimented me on and said was so festive, as well as a burgundy felt hat and a matching burgundy purse. Everything about this outfit was comfy and relaxed, but also stylish and extremely Christmasy!

How to Dress Like a Christmas Movie Heroine #2

In terms of accessories to go with this Christmas heroine outfit, I first and foremost made sure to constantly wear my Christmas wreath pin. This pin goes perfectly with any jacket and scarf combination, and I think it is absolutely gorgeous! For that hot beverage that a Christmas heroine should always be carrying with her (preferably a hot chocolate), I chose a delicate and girly ceramic mug with beautiful flowers. And what Christmas heroine outfit would be complete without a pearl and poinsettia flower crown and an antique, hardcover novel? The perfect, traditional touches!

How to Eat Like a Christmas Movie Heroine

Finally, Christmas heroines are all about going out and having those sweet, tasty holiday treats! This Christmas Eve, I met up with one of my best friends, KM, for a delicious Smores latte and pistachio muffin. The treats themselves looked classy and simplistically Christmasy, and they gave off a warm and cozy vibe during this winter season.

So there you have it – shake off those post-Christmas blues by putting together your own Christmas movie heroine/hero outfit!


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How to Dress Like Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice…in the Middle of Summer

Hello Everyone and welcome to this lovely, hot summer day in Toronto!

It’s so beautiful outside: the sun is shining and warm, the grass is greener than I’ve seen it in a long time, and the sky is a gorgeous shade of blue. Finally…summer is here in Canada!

But let’s get real, I’m a Gothic Victorian at heart, so I’m not exactly the biggest fan of summer. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again here on the blog, winter is my favourite season and I would rather be all bundled up in a winter coat and a cute hat and scarf combo than boiling and sweating in the unrelenting humidity. Also, black is my favourite colour (Yes, I know it’s technically a shade people but I don’t care!), and obviously black is hard to wear in summer which is depressing. That doesn’t stop me though, and today’s post is actually dedicated to one of my favourite “darker” characters in pop culture, for lack of a better adjective.

Beetlejuice was the first character I ever grew significantly and deliriously attached to. I was a wee little thing, probably about 5 or 6 years old when I saw the original movie for the first time…and very quickly decided that I was in fact Lydia Deetz and not Janille N G at all. I even went so far as to write my name in all my childhood books as Lydia, and I demanded that my parents call me this. They were obliging enough and my mom made me a couple long black dresses to wear around the neighbourhood. I vaguely remember talking to Beetlejuice and being pretty convinced that he was real – I guess I just really liked the idea of an “imaginary” friend, a companion who would appear whenever you summoned him and keep you endless company (basically like a boyfriend, but available always and on command)!

As I grew older, I was forced to accept that Beetlejuice wasn’t real, much to my dismay and disappointment. What was most amazing was that I wasn’t scared of him at all, though…I mean, the movie isn’t exactly the sort of thing you’d let a 5 or 6 year old watch, but I thought it was hilarious (and the same goes for the cartoon that came out of it, which was a bit more child-friendly). I still don’t know what drew me to this grotesque, macabre story, but my current love for TV shows like Penny Dreadful and gothic novels like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and Le Fantôme de l’Opéra probably definitely comes from my initial interest in the supernatural and unexplainable.

Now, just because I had to admit that Beetlejuice wasn’t real in my older age, doesn’t mean that I had to give up on loving him. And I haven’t. I still have pictures of him in the slideshow on my computer, I still have a little figurine of him on my bookshelf (Thanks Dad for that one!) and I still watch the movie as often as possible, and always on Halloween. But, I like to take things a step further in my idolatry of fictitious characters, as you all know, so one day recently, I decided to dress in a Beetlejuice-inspired outfit at work. And what better day to share it with all of you than on the most beautiful summer day of the year so far! 😉

How to Dress Like Beetlejuice #1

The whole crux of the outfit is this shirt, which is actually my mom’s…don’t tell her but I stole it! Mwahaha! Anyway, the stripes are clearly very Beetlejuice-esque, vertical black and white stripes of course being his signature uniform. (Sidenote: If you haven’t seen the movie or haven’t heard of Beetlejuice…STOP EVERYTHING, and find a way to get to know him! ASAP! You won’t be disappointed because, if I’m honest, I really find Michael Keaton sexy in this role!)

How to Dress Like Beetlejuice #2

But the true Beetlejuice fan won’t just stop at a striped shirt. As soon as I saw these shoes, I knew I had to buy them and get a Beetlejuice fashion post together. Look at them – they’re perfect! They’ve got the same colour scheme, they match the shirt perfectly, and I think Beetlejuice himself would be very fond of the more loafer-like shape of them (because I’m pretty sure he wears something loafer-like himself). And of course, the rest of the outfit had to be all black, from the dress pants to the sweater, because the darker the better when trying to look like a supernatural entity.

So there we are: another fashion-inspired post, not about a literary character necessarily, but certainly about one of my fictional heroes and best friends!

I hope you all enjoyed!


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How to Dress Like a Victorian Literary Hero…in honour of Queen Victoria

Happy Victoria Day lovely readers!

Now, if you don’t reside in Canada like I do, I realize that you may not have any idea what Victoria Day is. It’s a federal holiday here, where most people get the Monday off work (except apparently for my boyfriend, who has to work…which I think is RIDICULOUS)…all in honour of QUEEN VICTORIA’S BIRTHDAY!!! So basically I should be saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY QUEEN V!!! 😀

A lot of people from my suburban town spend this weekend going up to their cottages, having BBQs and parties and what not. That all seems super fun to me…but what upsets me about it is that people seem to forget why we have the holiday to begin with…and most people don’t seem to know who Queen Victoria is at all (HORROR!). As a passionate Victorianist, I feel that it is my job to right this wrong, and so I am writing my second blog post in as many days for that reason. Now, I don’t know that I can say that Victorian literature wouldn’t exist without Queen Victoria, because I’m sure Charlotte Brontë and Charles Dickens would’ve still written if Victoria wasn’t their queen. But I do quite like calling myself a Victorianist, and I like what I’ve heard of Queen V’s history, so I really do quite admire her as a lady! In any case, today’s post is going to be fashion-inspired and Victorian-esque and I hope you will all love it.

In case you missed it, I wrote a post entitled How to Dress Like a Governess a little while ago, in which I dressed like my favourite literary character Miss Jane Eyre. I had such fun writing this post that I immediately came up with an idea to do a similar (but I guess, opposite) post about how to dress like a 19th century literary hero. Strangely enough perhaps, it was easy for me to find items in my wardrobe that a gentleman of the likes of Mr. Rochester would wear, so I took a couple pictures and they’ve been sitting in a folder on my computer for months now. I just couldn’t determine the best time to write the actual entry and make it live and then I thought, “Well, Victoria Day of course! It’s the most logical choice!”. So here we are!

This whole idea basically stemmed from a pair of shoes…or boots rather. I actually went to Target with the sole purpose of finding a pair of boots exactly like this because my mom bought a pair and when I saw them I instantly recognized them as almost exactly like a pair Mr. Rochester wears in the 2011 movie adaptation of Jane Eyre. I mean, on last Thursday’s season finale of the TV show Reign I saw Bash wearing the EXACT same ones, and although that’s set quite a bit earlier than the Victorian era, I know I’ve seen Michael Fassbender as Rochester wear these beauties! You know what, I’m going to find a picture right now and post it on my Instagram to prove it…so click the link and check over there in a little while and see if I’m right! (Sidenote: My Instagram is somehow always full of pictures of swoon-worthy actors in period pieces so you may enjoy it!)

Anyway, these boots are distinctly Victorian to me. Maybe it’s the two different coloured pieces of leather, maybe it’s the height of them, maybe it’s the more masculine square heel. I have no idea…but when I put them on for the first time, I totally felt like hopping on a horse and going for a ride in the countryside!

How To Dress Like Mr.Rochester

So once I had the boots, I wondered if I could make a full outfit of Victorian male items. And I think I accomplished this…


I wore this outfit to work and I’m surprised I didn’t talk with a British accent the whole day. I’ve chosen a different pair of boots here, a lighter tan, suede pair with a bit of a heel that come up to only the ankle. Again, they felt like something heavier and sturdier, that a gentleman who’s used to travelling through the moors might wear. Then I chose a black pair of dress pants…classic and sophisticated if you ask me. And I paired it all with a long black cardigan that actually has arm patches and a white dress shirt, which seems to me to be the go-to outfit for the 19th century man. Now, the tricky part was finding something that could serve as a cravat, that all too important signature of the Victorian man’s wardrobe. I mean, you do not see Rochester or John Thornton (of Gaskell’s North and South) walking around town without a cravat tightly wrapped around his neck…it just doesn’t happen. Obviously I don’t own an actual cravat, but I do have this dark grey scarf that is long enough to tuck into the dress shirt/black cardigan combination. That’s what I did in this photo and I was so pleased with the result. I know the photo is a little grainy, but I think when you look at all the pieces together, I really do look quite a bit like I fit into a period drama.

So there you have it – a little tutorial on how to dress like your favourite Victorian leading man! I hope you all enjoyed this post…and I hope it will remind a few people to pay homage to the namesake of this lovely era on this important day honouring her.

The Forever Victorianist,


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Goodbye Old Friend – #JNGListens & #GoodbyeElena

Today’s post is going to be a bit of everything: my usual weekly quote entry, a fashion-inspired post, a review of one of my favourite TV shows…and a tribute to an old friend.

I’ve mentioned this before, but I’ve been watching The Vampire Diaries since it started 6 years ago. I was probably a little older than the target market at the time I started watching (I think I was in my first year of university), but I distinctly remember coming home on a Thursday night, all throughout my university days, and being so excited to delve into this “teen drama”, especially after a long and grueling day of studying. I immediately became obsessed with the plot, all the mysteries and conflicts…but I equally became obsessed with actress Nina Dobrev, a fellow Canadian and someone who I thought was beautiful, seemed really sweet and hilarious in real-life, and appeared to be a figure from Hollywood that I could actually look up to! Sure, I liked Stefan a lot, and his badass brother Damon, but the real reason I continued to watch the show throughout the years was to see Nina Dobrev play Elena…and Katherine…and a whole host of other characters. She is a brilliant actress, and the emotions on her face, just a simple look of sadness, fear or joy, could make me feel a million different things. I really began to admire her – and I also began to try to adopt her style and fashion sense, keeping my dark hair as long as possible and refusing to cut it or even get a trim, and modeling my own clothing choices after hers on the show. (Sidenote: Remember my post on How to Dress Like a Vampire? It was truly inspired by Nina Dobrev on TVD!)

Anyway, when I heard recently that Nina Dobrev had decided to leave The Vampire Diaries and make season 6 her last on the show, I was (needless to say), devastated. I love books and fictional stories that exist on a page, but I am just as passionate about the TV shows I watch (as you’re all probably starting to learn) and I become attached to the characters I see on screen just as easily as the ones I read about in books. Elena Gilbert had become a part of my life. I had spent every Thursday night with her for years, I had internalized and stressed about her problems…and I would easily have called her one of my best fictional friends. One of my real-life best friends, Camille, was also devastated by the loss of our favourite human/doppelganger/vampire and we instantly began speculating about why Nina would leave the show as if she were a member of our own intimate circle.

My best friend Camille and I got so obsessed with TVD that we recreated a photoshoot Candice Accola (Caroline) and Nina Dobrev (Elena) did!

My best friend Camille and I got so obsessed with TVD that we recreated a photoshoot Candice Accola (Caroline) and Nina Dobrev (Elena) did!

Obviously, despite our (probably unnatural) obsession, we could do nothing to prevent Nina from leaving the show. So, we had to just enjoy her last few episodes while they lasted…all while counting down the days to the season 6 finale with dread. In the last few days before this momentous episode, I decided to listen to songs from TVD that epitomized the sadness of Elena’s departure to me…but more about that in a second. I also decided to try to dress like Elena one last time. I chose to wear this jean dress that I actually purchased from Joe Fresh specifically because it called to mind a similar dress Elena wore in one of my favourite scenes with her sort-of boyfriend at the time, Damon.

My jean dress from Joe Fresh.

My jean dress from Joe Fresh.

Elena wearing a similar jean dress in one of my favourite scenes from TVD.

Elena wearing a similar jean dress in one of my favourite scenes from TVD.

Although you can’t really see Elena’s dress perfectly in this picture I took, I would encourage you all to go watch this scene on Youtube! It’s so steamy and sexy and perfectly portrays Nina’s incredible acting on the show. A link can be found to it on my Twitter page, so go check it out…and then continue reading! 😉

Anyway, as I was saying before, as the day of the finale approached, I listened to my “Elena Gilbert Playlist” and tweeted some of my favourite quotes from songs featured on The Vampire Diaries as part of my #JNGListens initiative. Here are the quotes that spoke to me and kept replaying in my head this week:

“Please don’t tell me you have moved on…” – Be Alright, Lucy Rose

“I could disappear completely…” – When You Sleep, Mary Lambert

These two songs are absolutely incredible! So moving and emotional, but also with deep and powerful messages about love and the anguish and uncertainty that is often associated with romance. These songs were used in some of my favourite scenes between Elena and Damon, particularly a scene at the end of season 5 when I believe Nina Dobrev acted better than she ever has on the show.

And that brings me to my final few comments for today’s post. Without giving away too many spoilers, I didn’t love the way Nina’s departure was done on the show. Sure, there were moments that made me cry (like when they recreated the “feather scene” with Elena and Bonnie from season 1), but for the most part, I felt that everything was a little anti-climactic, that there were too many loopholes and unexplained aspects of the story (for example, why didn’t Jeremy and Bonnie have an emotional reunion, especially if Jeremy was so upset when Bonnie was presumed dead? And how was it so easy for Damon to defeat Kai when he had always been one step ahead of everyone all season?). I also felt like the show didn’t leave the audience with a sense of finality, with a feeling that Elena was at peace. But, I know I’m just being picky because I really would rather that Nina not leave at all! So, to be fair, I think her acting was incredible as always, and I think that I would’ve been unhappy and upset regardless of how the episode was done.

Where am I going with all this? Basically, I just want to say that it’s okay to be obsessed with TV shows, with fiction of any kind. Yeah, there are people out there who will say, “That’s not real-life! How can you be so upset? It’s really immature of you!”. But I don’t see how anyone can condemn emotions or empathy or feeling attached to people and scenarios and ideas. That’s the beauty of being human…being allowed to feel everything, no matter how silly or strange! That’s something that a vampire who’s turned off their humanity can’t do, after all…and that’s probably why Elena wanted to become a human again in the end…a decision that took her away from us, but that means we’ll understand her and her choices that much more.

So, goodbye old friend, friend of 6 years and 6 seasons…sleep well!


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Jani Dreadful – How to Dress and Style Your Hair Like a Bond Girl Living in the 19th Century

It will come as absolutely no shock to any of you that I’m a 19th century/Victorian era fanatic. That much is obvious from my constant and passionate reviews about Victorian literature and style on this blog. But, what many of you may not know is that an equally great love of mine is the most recent series of James Bond movies, starring the irresistible, dashing and sexy Daniel Craig. Seriously, I am absolutely OBSESSED with Quantum of Solace, Skyfall, and (much more than the other two) Casino Royale. I remember fondly, two summers ago, a weekend when I watched Casino Royale three times in a row on Saturday, followed by Quantum of Solace three times in a row on Sunday (in my defense, they were the only thing on TV that weekend and I had no other plans…so Daniel Craig seemed like the best and most obvious company to spend my days with)! I even then went on to read Casino Royale, right before travelling to England for the first time…and naturally visiting Mr. Craig in Madame Tussauds wax museum (a highlight of my trip to say the least, as that figurine is VERY lifelike)!

JNG and Daniel Craig

So, long story short, when I’m not spending my days pretending to be a 19th century heroine in a gothic mansion, I’m mentally living out my dream of becoming a Bond girl. Seriously, being a Bond girl has to be on my list of top three preferred jobs…and although my father doesn’t really think I stand a chance of ever becoming one (Thanks for the vote of confidence, Dad!), I still have high hopes that one day I will be discovered…preferably by Daniel Craig himself (and before they hire a new actor to play James Bond, which isn’t leaving me much time probably)!

Now, you may be asking yourself, where is JNG going with this rant? Good question! It surely is a bit random to go from gushing over the Victorian era to gushing just as much over James Bond. But, I assure you, there is a link between the two, and that link is the TV show Penny Dreadful. I’m certain I’ve mentioned it here on the blog before, but Penny Dreadful is a show that came out just last year and it is absolutely BRILLIANT! I admit, I was skeptical about it at first, but my father insisted that I watch it…and I can now proudly say that is it without doubt my favourite show at the moment. Why? Because it combines my two loves seamlessly: the gothic, grungy, scary side of the Victorian era and actress Eva Green, the incomparable Vesper Lynd from Casino Royale. (See how everything I said before makes so much more sense now?!) (Also, Sidenote: how cool would Vesper be as a girl’s name? I am totally envious!)

If you don’t know what a penny dreadful is, it’s actually a 19th century literary genre in the vein of the sensation fiction and gothic literature popular in those times. If you don’t know anything about sensation fiction or gothic literature, I would suggest that you start watching Penny Dreadful immediately, and you’ll get a sense for the style that the Victorian era is so famous for. Basically, the show is a horror in every way…it deals with possession, vampires, werewolves, magic, all that fun stuff! And (here we come to the reason I love it so much), it pays homage to some of the greatest works of 19th century literature, including but not limited to Frankenstein (written just before the Victorian era), Dracula and The Picture of Dorian Gray. As a Victorianist, it’s essentially everything I could ever want in a TV show: intrigue, suspense, mystery, and all the characters I’ve learned to love so much! I’m just waiting for Mr. Rochester’s mad woman in the attic to make an appearance!

And now we come to the purpose of this blog post. The show is returning this Sunday, and I am beyond excited to see my adored 19th century friends again, but also to see Eva Green stun us all with her portrayal of Miss Vanessa Ives, a feisty heroine who I find ridiculously inspiring because of her strength, defiance and general badass-ness! Obviously, since I love her so much (and always did love Eva Green as a Bond girl), I decided that it was high time to make my appearance a little more Vanessa Ives-esque, and thus a bit more gothic Victorian. I have enough items of jewelry and clothing to fit this darker side of my favourite century…

Victorian with a Twist

…but I also thought I needed to darken up my physical appearance a little too! And so, I decided (after much consideration and debating with my mom) to dye my hair black! I’m so pleased with it! I feel so sophisticated, sleek and edgy…and I do hope I’m one step closer to looking like Eva Green! Maybe now Daniel Craig will come find me?!

Jani Dreadful

Yours with gothic sentiments,


Girl with a Green (and Dreadful) Heart

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How to Dress Like a 20th Century Phonetics Professor (ie- Henry Higgins)

‘Ello Guvnas!

Okay, that was awkward, but I can explain my Eliza Doolittle-esque greeting! Today I am proud to present a blog entry that I’ve been working on for quite some time! I’ve had these photos saved on my computer for months, and I thought it was high time that I shared them with you. I’m so excited! 😀

I’ll try to calm down for a second and elaborate further. I’ve ALWAYS been a fan of the musical My Fair Lady. Seriously, when I was just a wee little thing, my grandfather introduced me to the movie adaptation with Rex Harrison and Audrey Hepburn and it was LOVE at first sight! This movie is absolutely incredible – hilarious, emotional, rambunctious, educational, beautiful. It’s just everything you could ever want in a film, especially if (like me) you love British things, you enjoy 20th century speech and clothing, and you have a particular fondness for curmudgeonly older gentlemen. I have to admit, I fell in love with Henry Higgins from the opening of the film, when he starts his diatribe about the English not being able to speak properly. I don’t want to say outright that I’m a bit critical of peoples’ grammar, but, okay, I am…I can’t help it, I’m an English “Master” after all! So, like Professor Higgins, I’ve always found myself saddened by the fact that people don’t talk like they used to, in the good ol’ days! (Sidenote: I’m also very critical of how people text these days – in my opinion, there is NEVER an occasion when it is okay to say “u” instead of “you” or “r” instead of “are”! The English language could be so beautiful if we let it be!)

Anyway, I pretty much put Henry Higgins on a pedestal (I’m sure he would’ve been very proud to be there!) and reading George Bernard Shaw’s original text Pygmalion in my university years did nothing to take him off. He’s even better when you read him, because then his witty rejoinders and critical comments really take full affect. I get it, many people find Henry Higgins sexist, and sure, he is! But he’s also a classic portrayal of the 20th century professor, and I think that if you choose to find him a little bit ridiculous, you can actually have a good laugh with him! I believe that Rex Harrison steals the show from Audrey Hepburn (who is very loverly, no doubt, and I do adore her!)…and I’ll admit again that I’ve had about a dozen crushes on professors over the years just because I thought they were all surely exactly like Rex Harrison as Henry Higgins in real-life. I also took linguistics courses in university mainly because I was convinced that I wanted to be a professor of phonetics – imagine my pride when my first year linguistics mark turned out to be my highest in all of my university career, all thanks to the fear that My Fair Lady would be forever ruined for me if I didn’t put 1 million % effort into the course!

Now, the inspiration for this post (to get to the point) comes from one of Professor Higgins’ most famous questions to his bestie Colonel Pickering: Why can’t a woman be more like a man? Sexist, I know…gender stereotypes galore, I get it. But bear with me here; Shakespeare played with this idea too, in his famous comedy Twelfth Night (my absolute favourite Shakespearean play), and I have always thought it would be so fun to dress up like a man for a day. Sadly, our society does subscribe to traditional views about male and female dress, but it is for us to break these molds and be a little more creative with fashion, so that’s what I tried to do with the outfits you are about to see below. As I’ve said time and time again, I’m an academic at heart, and I love the way male professors seem to dress in every pop culture representation (and, honestly, often in real-life), so I chose these outfits lovingly and with excitement to try to emulate one of my favourite professors and literary characters of all time.

It all began when I wore the outfit below to work. I looked at myself in the mirror and thought: I could totally see Henry Higgins pairing a white dress shirt with a sweater exactly in this way. I was immediately more confident, so I simply had to take a picture.

How To Dress Like A 20th Century Phonetics Professor

Then, my mom and I found this navy cardigan. I was sold as soon as I saw the arm patches…classic Henry Higgins! I had to buy it straight away!

The Sweater of a 20th Century Phonetics Professor

So, I had a number of tops that would befit my dear friend Henry Higgins. But what about something to wear on my feet? Well, I had just the pair of shoes, what I like to call my Oxford shoes, perfect for strolling around campus or sitting at a desk conducting research or typing lecture notes.

20th Century Phonetics Professor Shoes

Now, it’s literally just occurred to me that many of you may not know what Henry Higgins looks like (a travesty – GO watch the movie ASAP!), so before I do my big reveal and show you an entire outfit, here’s a photo of the movie cover on my bookshelf. You can see Professor Higgins in all his glory in the bottom right corner.

My Fair Lady

Keeping that image of Henry Higgins in mind, take a look at the final outfit I constructed to make myself look like a 20th century phonetics professor.


So there you have it: a little How To. I hope you enjoyed! Let me know what you think of my outfits in the comments below please!

Now I’m off to go do a dramatic reenactment of Henry Higgins singing “I’ve Grown Accustomed to Her Face” in my bedroom. Like actually, not kidding!



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How to Dress Like You’re Going to a Garden Party…in the Dead of Winter!

So, February in Toronto sucks! I think all residents of the city can agree on this! The weather is dreary: the sky is dark so early in the evening and so late in the morning, the air is bone-chillingly cold and the snow makes everything (sidewalks, driveways, stairs) difficult to navigate! As I said in my last blog post…I’m over it!

But this weather doesn’t have to put us all in a bad mood! No, we have the power to get ourselves out of this February funk! How? Well, I suggest buying yourself a little something nice: a vanilla bean latte one morning, a new piece of jewellery, a new book?! If you’re on a budget, or if you feel a little retail therapy won’t suffice, may I also suggest putting on your favourite bright pink shade of lipstick and your most summery dress and throwing yourself an imaginary garden party (yes, like something out of The Great Gatsby or The Secret Garden or any Jane Austen novel, and complete with tea and scones)! (Sidenote: This is something my friends Cami, Annie and I are planning to actually do in real-life sometime…hence why this idea popped into my mind!)

That’s what I did a few days ago at work. I knew I would be spending the entire crazy-busy day coordinating and setting up for a big meeting, so I threw on my garden party outfit and pretended (in my mind and not out loud to any of my colleagues, of course) to be the host of a gorgeous tea banquet! And it worked! My attitude brightened as I set out the food and drinks for the meeting…because in my green imagination I was a cross between the feisty Daisy Buchanan and the graceful and gracious Jane Bennet!

Now you may be wondering what exactly I wore that put me in such a sunny mood. Lucky for you all, I took pictures (naturally)!

In the first picture, I’m wearing my preferred shade of pink “lipstick”. It’s actually the Baby Lips brand, so it is in fact lip balm…but this funky hue actually does stick on your lips all day, while leaving them wonderfully moisturized as well!

bright pink lips

In this second picture, I’m finally revealing the present my grandfather got me for my Master’s graduation: a lovely watch from Kate Spade! I had wanted this exact watch for so long, and I think it would be so fitting for a summer garden party, especially since the colours are so soft (especially the pink and beige) and the second hand is actually designed like a straw! I think this watch is really both elegant and fun!

Kate Spade watch

And finally, here is a picture of my dress! I absolutely adored it from the moment I put it on! I love the colour (green suits me I think!) and the flowers and how light and gentle it feels to wear! I had to wear it with black stockings because of the weather and season, but I would totally also wear it with clear tights when the weather gets warmer!

How to Dress Like You're Going to a Garden Party

So there you have it — a quick post about my garden party daydreams and inspirations! What would you all wear today if the weather was sunny and warm?

PS – Thank you to my amazing boyfriend SS for taking that photo of me…and for strategically “planting” that tree there as a prop! heehee

PPS – In case any of you are wondering, my latest read is Shopaholic to the Stars by Sophie Kinsella — so stay tuned for some hilarious (and perhaps more fashion-inspired) posts ahead!


Girl with a Green Heart

my green heart

What the Girl with a Green Heart wore today:

  • Lips: Baby Lips 70 – Pink Shock
  • Watch: Kate Spade – It’s Five O’clock Somewhere
  • Dress: Joe Fresh

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